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Laurissa looked out through the porthole. Long hair drifted about her head, floating free in the micro-gravity. Through the lead crystal glass the ship's artificial aurora pulsed and fluoresced, purple and blue, as they passed through Europa's gaseous trail.

The hull rang as an attitude adjuster fired, bringing the ship about and facing the porthole directly at Jupiter.

The gas giant filled the black sky from horizon to horizon. Europa's blue ice shone dimly in the reflected light of a distant sun, as the great red spot glared balefully down at the tiny ship, protecting its even tinier humans.

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    Jamie Clapperton over 7 years ago

    Makes me want to get out there. Well, in an armchair kind of way. Enjoyed :-)

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    Jeff Taylor over 7 years ago

    Thanks Jamie :)

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    Jeff Taylor over 7 years ago

    Thanks Drew :)

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