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Drifter #12


She rose through the earth, into the seductive night. She had slept long after her last feed. The ground was as warm as the air, and insects darted in the gloom. However, this was not what she had expected. Around her a high wall, topped with barbed wire, surrounded a new graveyard.

Before her a large building, indomitable in its size and purpose, imposed itself on the landscape. It had the feel of the prison where she had fed for so long in the past.

She drifted towards the towering walls of her new feedings grounds in Broadmoor prison hospital.

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    Christopher almost 5 years ago

    This is wonderfully atmospheric, Jeff.

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    Jeff Taylor almost 5 years ago

    Thanks Christopher :) Last one for the lady-in-black ;)

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    Jeff Taylor almost 5 years ago

    What about Broadmoor? Other than it's the UK's Arkham Asylum but in real life :)

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