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Alice through the looking glass #44


Tracing Vehicle
Access Road Camera Net
Vehicle leaving park
Vehicle utilising evasion techniques

Access Parking Camera Net

Arrival confirmed
Identifying occupants

Occupants Confirmed

Initialising building lock down
Closing all exits

Facial recognition parameters changed
Non human face has been registered

Raising alert level.
Primary thread alert issued
Tactical response team called
Science response team contacted
Cheshire Cat security team notified of Tactical response team arrival

++Starting Anomaly analysis++
Non human face features added to facial recognition database
Eyes are dilated and appear black
Non Human has No ears
Face has scales and is light green in colour

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    Jeff Taylor about 8 years ago

    I have to say something about the Dormouse. Writing the Dormouse is not easy within the confines of Drablr. You'll find that the above drabl uses ALL 700 characters, as well as hitting the full 100 words for a drabl! This version took nearly an hour to trim unnecessary characters out of the text in order to get it to be accepted. Phew! Not to mention the Dormouse is meant to be an interpretation of a very "Literal" system. It is meant to be concise, clear and to use words without using their implicit nature. So hitting the 100 words, within the 700 character limit is actually very hard. Try it! ;)

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