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Branded And Brandish


A business ran into the ground
A heart etched on a tree
A game you mastered
A seal on a faulty pipe
A shirt you wear daily
A trick you never forgot
A diary entry ripped out
A silence with volume
A tear squirming down
A look from a friend
A new sound out your lips
A finger tapping your head
A phone call cut short
A pencil you blunted
A scab you keep picking
A feeling so wrong, so right
A list you add to
A puzzle you cannot solve
A pressure without depth
A stone rolling over you

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    Frenchie over 1 year ago

    I love this one. The cadence of the poem really reflect these fleeting moments and feelings that never stop....

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    sully over 1 year ago

    Thank you Frenchie. This is actually the last part in the Brand series as it stands, I wanted to write 60 lines, every 20 lines 100 words (mainly to fit on Drablr, but also to add cohesion)
    I plan to have the Brand poem is total published as a whole piece, ideally. Maybe with some pretty stylings by an artist

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