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I did it. I killed her in cold blood. I hesitated at first, but she finally got on my nerves.

She tickled my ears, sat on my lap, and touched my private body parts. I asked her to stop but she kept going.

I slapped her in the face. She dropped onto the floor at once. Her skinny, crooked legs twitched a few times in utter disbelief and then she went silent. I picked her up, dropped her dead body in the garbage can, washed my hands, and went back to work.

My office is a “NoFly Zone”. No exceptions.

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    D.M. over 8 years ago


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    T. Willemann over 8 years ago

    Quite impressive, your ability to sex a fly on the fly (though maybe drabble format limitations simply forced you to leave out your account of the postmortem) as well as the drabble itself.

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    Olga Klezovitch over 8 years ago

    I just assumed that the "male fly" would not behave so inappropriately...However, one will never know for sure!

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    Julie over 8 years ago

    Excellent drabble. I was guessing it was some kind of animal but was thinking of things larger than flies.

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    Neville Hunt over 8 years ago

    Uplifting. No question.

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