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The Problem Solver #5


Rick Flintlock was one of Hollywood's biggest actors. He starred in a successful series of Western movies entitled The Man Who Became Death. He was also an arrogant drunk who thought the world owed him a debt for gracing it with his presence.

He was driving home through Laurel Canyon one night sloppy drunk and killed a teenage girl who'd just graduated from high school. He showed no remorse and got off with community service.

At the request of the girl's parents I cut the brake line on his sports car.

Headlines the next morning:

The Man Who Became Dead!

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    Neville Hunt 14 days ago

    Mr Problem Solver, I reckon that there were two of you doing community service, but the difference was that you provided a real service to the community!

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    Neville Hunt 14 days ago

    I should be back in action tomorrow after today’s return home 😎. There has been so much drama on the way and when we got here, there’s enough to write a whole host of drabbles!🥴 And Doctor Oh Oh No! was one of the lighter moments.

    We did see Elon Musk’s amazing satellite string cruising across the sky last night like an army of ants. That was pretty amazing!🙂

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    Christopher 13 days ago

    Cool. I look forward to reading about your recent travels.

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    Jamie Clapperton 8 days ago

    Christopher I love these. -)

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    Christopher 7 days ago

    Thanks, Jamie. I like them too.

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