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The Problem Solver #4


Anthony Rossi, an Italian gangster who'd come to the USA in the 1960s, built a criminal empire unmatched in New York City. He was one of the most brutal crime bosses in the city's history. Now, as an old man, he'd retired to the ritzy suburb of Scarsdale, New York.

A huge bash was planned for his 85th birthday. All his bloodthirsty former associates were there. I was there too, posing as a gas company employee, checking a leak.

When the explosion blew up the house, I chalked up the non-target collateral damage to pro bono work for humanity.

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    Christopher 11 months ago

    Not sure if the point comes across on this one. I maybe should've spread it over two drabbles.

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    Richard Hunt 11 months ago

    I think it comes over admirably. The only issue might be how did a gas man get in …

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    Neville Hunt 11 months ago

    No worries, Christopher, it works just fine for me too. I like the generosity shown via the pro bono... he made Rossi an offer so good that it blew his socks off... and a fair bit besides... and it all goes to show that those Italian gangsters get here, there and everywhere!

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    Christopher 11 months ago

    Thanks, Neville.

    Richard, I suppose if there's a gas leak in the area they couldn't refuse the gas company coming in to check. I don't know, though. I live in the country and we use electricity.

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    Michael Cunliffe 8 months ago

    That's two you've seen off and I'm only on the fourth drabble!
    The Equaliser? Must be!

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