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Requiem For A Stripper #368


Harrigan took me back to the Bluebird so I could get my car and we shook hands and parted company.

I called him that night, just before I was due to take Jen Ann to the Daffodil for her show.

"They've identified all the bodies from the Nichols Canyon fire," Harrigan said.

"I bet it hit the fan when they found out who one of them was," I said.

"No," Harrigan said softly. "They've already concocted a story."

"Oh, this oughta be good."

"He was singlehandedly trying to bring down a prostitution ring that was being operated in that house."

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    Neville Hunt about 1 month ago

    I wonder how many more top cops were behind the masks at the Canyon?🤔

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    Christopher about 1 month ago

    That's a good question.

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