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Requiem For A Stripper #358


"Unfortunately, that's about the shape of it. But Minga wasn't the only one that deserved to die, Jim."

"I just can't believe this. Do you have any evidence to back this up?"

"Just my word. And I would've thought that would be good enough for you, Harrigan."

"It is," he said. "But that won't hold up in court."

"Mindy Porter was there. She heard Romero's confession. If that's worth anything."

"Who is Mindy Porter?" Harrigan asked.

"She was one of the girls recruited for the party. I can give you her address."

Harrigan still looked like he was in shock...

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    Neville Hunt about 1 month ago

    You see... Jake has all the addresses of all the pretty girls! But he’s too exhausted to follow up on them all!

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    Christopher about 1 month ago

    He certainly is!

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