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Requiem For A Stripper #323


"Listen, Klaus! It wasn't my fault! She started getting too cozy with me! She wanted me to leave my wife! I couldn't do that!"

He still had on the mask, but even though his voice was muffled I could tell it was Anthony Romero.

"Romero, ve have ztrict rulez. Zhe fraternization with zhe girlz iz alwayz done at zheze partiez, with zhe mazks on! None of zhose girlz are zuppozed to know who ve are! Even zhe girlz who work at my club don't know zhat I am a member! But you broke zhose rulez. Look vhere it got uz!"

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    Neville Hunt 11 months ago

    Aaah... but you broke zose rulez alzo by callink out ze name of Romero! You ztoopid little Schmidt!

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    Christopher 11 months ago

    Ha! Yeah, some of this doesn't make much sense. I guess they figured they were going to kill everyone there who wasn't a member (meaning Jake and probably Mindy) anyway.

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