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Requiem For A Stripper #300


I interjected, "And you couldn't stand seeing all that beauty again."

She nodded as she coughed up more blood, "Exactly. You do...understand."

"So you killed all the missing strippers? Lily Padd, Candy Apple, Debra Snow, Barb Winston, and Honey Comb?"

She shook her head, which made her wince. "Not Honey Comb. That cheap little slut got it before I could stab her."

"Do you know who killed her?" I asked. I could see she was about to have her ticket punched for the Grim Reaper Express.

"Tell my daughter...I'm sorry."

"Who's your daughter?"

"Li...Li...Linda...," she said as she went limp...

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    Neville Hunt 11 months ago

    Now I guess you’re gonna have to plug Linda too... but her plans for you weren’t so great were they either Jake? So, adapting slightly the words of that song, ‘So Linda, save your last dance for me.’ But you might need some fancy footwork to sidestep her goons, Jake! Take it slow, like a trotting fox...

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    Christopher 11 months ago

    He has a plan about Linda, but that'll come later. I'm just about to write that part.

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