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Requiem For A Stripper #299


"Mr. Randolph. You're...much more person than in your photograph."

"I thought you were recruiting girls for The Immoral Society and they were doing away with them. But you've been killing them? Why?"

"Exactly because I was...recruiting them for...the newly reformed Immoral Society."

I didn't understand.

"You see, Randolph...I used to be a beautiful may not see it now...but I was. And I took care of a lot of...beautiful girls. But after getting burned...I found I hated beauty. I kept to myself...after the fire. But then when The Immoral Society...was revived...they wanted me to start supplying them girls again."

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    Neville Hunt 11 months ago

    I still don’t quite understand... but I’m sure I will pretty soon... or maybe that should be ugly soon!🥴

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    Christopher 11 months ago

    Hehe! She couldn't stand seeing beauty. That's why she stayed a recluse until the Immoral Society pressed her back into service. But seeing all those beautiful girls made her snap.

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