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Yesterday I went home. It seemed like a lifetime since I'd been there and it yet it seemed like I'd never left.

The city was tearing the vacant house down. Vacant of the family who used to live there, but not of the horrible memories of the two monsters who raised me in that house of horrors.

They won't find their bodies in there. I was smart enough to dispose of them elsewhere. But still I had to come back to see them demolish that nightmare factory.

If only it were that easy to demolish my memories the same way.

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    sully 4 months ago

    Love the conflict of this, how although a form of vengeance was exacted and the physical embodiment of those horrors are being torn down, within the character's memories it will never be so easy to be rid of their influence. Great work.

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    Christopher 4 months ago

    Thanks, sully.

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    Brian Mackinney 4 months ago


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    Christopher 4 months ago

    Thanks, Brian.

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    VerityAlways 3 months ago

    Nice one, Christopher!

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    Christopher 3 months ago

    Thanks, Verity.

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