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Berserko the Clown


Berserko the Clown was at the local fruit stand talking to the man who ran it. A woman with green hair and more metal in her face than Robby the Robot walked up.

Berserko continued talking to the man.

"I prefer mangoes to oranges."

The woman looked offended.

"So, why do you hate oranges then?"

Berserko was taken aback.

"Did I say that?"

She continued. "And what about excluding bananas? Pineapples? Grapefruit?"

"We weren't even talking about those fruits!"

"And what about vegetables?"

"You're right. I'll switch to vegetables, because I doubt I'll ever come across another fruit like you!"

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    Christopher almost 2 years ago

    This was inspired by something that was said about how people act on social media when someone expresses their preference for one thing over another.

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    Christopher almost 2 years ago

    And for those that don't know, Robby the Robot is from the old movie Forbidden Planet.

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    Brian Mackinney almost 2 years ago

    Not a fruitcake then

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    Christopher almost 2 years ago

    I think she might qualify for that as well.

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