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The Eternal Night #81


He sat down on the edge of the other bed.

"You don't seem like the reckless type, Jake. You seem very thorough and very calculated."

"I am. Or was, in the early days at least. But by then I was getting tired and sloppy and taunting people, dangerous people that put those around me in harm's way. So I walked away from it."

Mason looked at me a moment and then asked, "Do you miss it?"

I thought about it and then said, "I'll let you know when this is over."

I got up and started getting ready for bed...

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    Neville Hunt 8 days ago

    And that’s about as much as you will get from Jake, Brick. Enjoying this story Christopher! You really should put them out there as a series of novellas, maybe three per volume, either in chronological order or as you wrote them. Both ways would work.

    I have read a number of books by Phillip Kerr, a guy who worked at the same ad agency as me. What’s great about them is that his character, Gunther, is a German policeman in WW2 in Nazi Germany. Gunther hates the Nazis but needs to stay alive. Like you do, Phil Kerr has done a huge amount of research to provide authentic history. Well worth reading if you can find them.

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    Christopher 7 days ago

    Thanks for the encouragement. My sister keeps telling me that too so I should probably look into it.

    I'll see if I can find Phil Kerr.

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