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Zeke thought it was a bunch of hooey.

He'd heard the tales of Indian burial grounds being sacred and protected by the spirits of dead warriors. But when he heard about the Najimi, a tribe indigenous to Arizona and known for burying its dead with gold nuggets, he said to hell with it.

He found the secluded spot in the deserts of Arizona where the burial ground was located.

He began looting, filling his pockets with gold nuggets.

When he heard a noise from behind he turned and discovered that the legends were most certainly not a bunch of hooey.

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    Christopher 8 months ago

    The Najimi are made up, as I didn't want to ascribe anything that was untrue to a real tribe.

    I should've made this into a two- or three-parter and developed it a bit more, but I kind of wanted it to stand alone.

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    Neville Hunt 8 months ago

    Zeke’s last stand mebbe?

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    Jamie Clapperton 8 months ago

    Ooh. Why have I got the feeling this won't be a case of 'Alright put the nuggets back and we'll say no more about it? 😉

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    Neville Hunt 8 months ago

    Hahaha! I think you’re right, Jamie!

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