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The Littlest Client #225


"I have a car waiting to take you and Katie back to the orphanage, Dolan," Harrigan said, standing back up.

"Thanks," he said as he and Katie started to the door. Katie turned around and said, "See you later, Mr. Randolpe!"

I smiled as she went out the door.

Harrigan looked at me, "Going home?"

"Nope. Got a date."

"With who?"

"With you. It's Saturday morning. We're going fishing."

"Randolph, it's a quarter to six! We both need some sleep."

"We'll sleep later. Right now we're going fishing."

Harrigan shook his head as we went to the car.


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    Christopher 8 months ago

    Well, that's another one finished. I hope it turned out well because the ending changed about a half dozen times. Since these are out of sequence we know Jake comes back to the detective game after about five years or so but I wanted to tell the story that caused him to leave it in the first place, and this seemed like the right story for that.

    Jake Randolph will return...

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    Anouska 8 months ago

    Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Had me hooked all the way through.

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    Christopher 8 months ago

    Thank you, Anouska. Welcome to Drablr.

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    Neville Hunt 8 months ago

    Excellent story, Christopher. Thanks very much for the ride. Breakfast this week’s not going to be the same I fear! 😢 Now I plan to reread them all in chronological sequence... cheers Jake!

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    Christopher 8 months ago

    Thanks so much, Neville. I'll take a little break and then start to work on another. I may do the amnesia one that I had started or I might do something completely different, to quote Monty Python.

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    Drew Martyn 6 months ago

    Well, that was adequate.
    That was an utterly brilliant story - I think you got all the different aspects of it perfect, and it was great to see another glimpse into his (and Harrigan's) softer side. The storyline and the characters were just awesome - Gallagher so logical and evil, people like Ari and Eddie so convincing as good hearted baddies (difficult to successfully create, I would imagine). Like Neville, I will have to go back and reread them in sequence. When I've recovered from the excitement!

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