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"Listen, Mo. I need a favor. Will you take a look at this map and tell me if you're familiar with the area?" I asked as I handed her the paper.

She studied it for a few moments. "Well, if you take the main road out of town and then turn here where it says you'll be goin' out into the desert. You'll wind up at the base of the Devil's Nose."

"The Devil's Nose?" I asked.

"Yeah, it's a mountain out there. That's what it's shaped like, so the locals call it the Devil's Nose."

"How quaint," I said.

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    Neville Hunt 7 months ago

    Take care, Teddy, you don’t want to be under the Devil’s nose!

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    Christopher 7 months ago

    I contemplated calling it The Devil's Penis but thought a nose might look a bit more like a mountain.

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