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Bourbon On The Rocks #179


I was running out of time as I fumbled in the depths of the dark water trying to slip off the chain that was binding me. I finally got my legs unwrapped and started back up to get some air. I didn’t want Cal and the goons to see me so I came up between one of the boats and the dock. By this point they had pulled up the hook and realized I wasn’t on it. I could hear Cal screaming for the goons to find me.

I took a breath and swam hard underwater for the back doors…

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    Christopher over 6 years ago

    Ten drabbles posted tonight to get through that part of the story and to counteract Neville's impression of my sadism for leaving him hanging last night!

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    Steve McBrevity over 6 years ago

    He’s got to nail Cal this time now he’s off the hook.

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    Neville Hunt over 6 years ago

    Thanks Christopher! Wow...what exciting stuff. Waiting for my next fix!😊

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    Christopher over 6 years ago

    Thanks, everyone. I appreciate it.

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