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Murder Is But A Memory


I hurried out the door while Rocco still had his head in the trunk. He heard someone approaching.

"Well, had an attack of conscience and decided to help out old Rocco, huh, Sal?"

He had just started to pull his head out of the trunk when I brought the lid down on it so hard I swear I heard his skull crack. And you know what? I wasn't the slightest bit concerned. I pulled his gun out of his waistband and then pushed his limp body into the trunk and pulled the lid down, locking him inside it.

One down...

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    Neville Hunt almost 5 years ago

    Wow, Jake, that was so easy! I can't imagine Sal's going to be that easy, but maybe the really big showdown will be with Mr Stane and of course there's always Mr Lanyard hanging around. And will Diana turn out to be a double-crosser in the end, because I'm wondering if Jake finally gets the girl. Oh it's so exciting, my mind can't help racing forward! Thanks for the excellent entertainment, Christopher.

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    Christopher almost 5 years ago

    Thanks, Neville. I've always appreciated your attention and your comments. This thing has grown so much from what I intended when I started, and even now as I near the end it's going off in a direction I didn't plan on.

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