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Murder Is But A Memory


There were two sets of tire skids, one from medium sized tires and one from larger tires. The larger set stopped about fifty yards short of the end of the curve. Almost as if someone pushed Kerri's car off the side of the hill.

I stepped to the edge of the hill and looked over. You could clearly see where the car went down and where it stopped and burned up. There were charred trees and shrubbery all around where the car expired and went to that great parking lot in the sky.

It's a miracle Kerri even survived it...

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    D.M. over 5 years ago

    Finally caught up on the whole series. It's amazing what you can do in a drabble!
    I am also hooked on your series. Don't leave us in suspense too long, waiting for
    the next installment, Christopher!

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    Christopher over 5 years ago

    Thank you so much. I try to make sure I get at least one in a day. I just hope everyone bears with me. This thing is taking on a life of its own and expanding and growing from what I initially intended. If it runs to 60 or 70 drabbles I'll try to make it interesting enough for everyone to hang in there with me.

    Thank again to everyone for taking the time to read these.

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