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I remember long ago, we sat in front of the TV. It was mostly for entertainment, but on this night my dad wanted us to witness the apocalypse. The news was filled with stories of this impending disaster. He told us it wasn't like that in his day. The world was changing and would never be the same again. We waited for visual evidence of this doomsday my father had been predicting for days now.

And then, Ed Sullivan said it: "Ladies and gentlemen... The Beatles!"

My dad was right about one thing: the world never was the same again.

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    Peter Henderson almost 3 years ago

    Yes the world would never be the same but I grew up with the Beatles so in my case when things go bad I can go back to my record collection and play a Beatle song and it transports me back to when I was having fun adventuring with amazing things like the 1st microprocessors, fast cars and motorbikes I had in my life.

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    Christopher about 2 years ago

    Thanks, Peter. I actually wrote that from my dad's perspective, as he used to tell me about when he was young and how my grandfather reacted to The Beatles coming over. I grew up in the 80's but I'm a card-carrying Beatlemaniac.

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