"The Uncle Series" drabbles by Tyler Rebik

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The Uncle (Part 10)

The Uncle Series

Three Lupella soldatos: Geno, Alfie, and Luigi, watched from the dock as the boat of pimps showed little movement. They'd been sent to pick up diamonds and leave a sign.

Geno nodded, as they all pulled out their pistols, shotguns, and Thompsons, then said, "Aim at the windows and unload!"




The windows shattered, the sides splintered off, the detail gnarled, the trio stopped and boarded quickly. The inside of the boat looked like tomato soup with meat chunks. Geno grabbed the diamonds but not anything else. "A work of art," he smiled.

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The Uncle (Part 9)

The Uncle Series

Having enticed a starlet from her table, Vinnie was in the foyer, heavily snogging the dame in question. He couldn't believe his luck with her.

He held her cheek in his hand as he spoke, "Let's go to my house, I got lots of room."

"I only need one, thanks," she replied.

"Yeah, I know, I meant, nevermind," Vinnie replied, kissing her and soon they were out of the bar and heading towards his car.

Suddenly, shots rang out from the restaurant across the street as cops and criminals popped rounds at each other.

Yet again, Vinnie pulled his gun.

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The Uncle (Part 8)

The Uncle Series

Giacomo was driving down an empty street, not paying attention to anything in particular, until a car pulled out in front of him and he smashed it.


Quickly looking, he saw as 2 suited men exited the car and threw a fiery bottle of fluids onto his car. It was hit, he knew it, shit.

The fire engulfed Giacomo's car. The car aflame outside.

The hitmen watched intently.


A bullet took one down as a fiery Giacomo broke through the windshield and leaped onto the other assassin, shoving the barrel in his mouth.


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The Uncle (Part 7)

The Uncle Series

The Uncle sat at his desk, looking at the sniveling pimp before him. It was shocking he'd won the game. The pimp had won the game with Vinnie.

Uncle Alphonso looked at the pimp, Angelo, and said, "Give back the diamonds and I'll get do you a favor."

"What favor?"

"I won't kill you."

"Trust me, if anyone dies, it's you. Don't see your bodyguard. No."

"Fuhgedaboudit," Alphonso replied, pulling a trigger in his desk.


The blast blowing Angelo's head off in a cloud of blood, bone and brain, completely coating the area.

"Time for the maid," Alphonso replied.

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The Uncle (Part 6)

The Uncle Series

Vinnie Diamonds, dejected and broken from his bad luck, didn't know where he was going. He only knew that he had to drive onwards and see what else he could do.

He remembered the day he made his bones. He'd put five rounds in a pimp's head, Sully Torino. Those were the days. He pulled over finally at Spritzer's Bar. Stepping inside, he caught the eye of plenty of chicks, his looks never failed.

Ordering a shot of scotch on the rocks, he looked around the jazzy jumpers and could remember happier times.

Drink it away, he said, and did.

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The Uncle (Part 5)

The Uncle Series

Giacomo Italia had gone out on his own errand after getting a call that angered him.

So now his rats wanted more cheese. Such disrespect for the future of the family. He had to prove his point.

The rat was standing in the dark corner, like rats do, waiting for his cheese. Giacomo parked the car and walked up to the rat. "Jackie!" the rat greeted, only to have cold iron meet his face, bringing him down hard. Giacomo swung down...

Thunk. Thunk. Crackle.

Brain matter splattered, Giacomo shoved the $20 in the rat's mouth and quickly left the scene.

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The Uncle (Part 4)

The Uncle Series

Back in the Lupella Estate,

The Uncle stood on his office balcony, overlooking the courtyard where his grandkids played like warrior princes of Sicily. It was their heritage and he wasn't above interacting with them in that way. Someday they would inherit his princedom and they would rule the people with swift justice.

Just as his ancestors had done.

He loosened his tie, the air was hot and he didn't need to die of sunstroke before dinner. He watched as Giuseppe pretended to behead Vito, bravo. Even in youth, Giuseppe proved to be victorious.

He watched with pride, "Bene, bene."

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The Uncle (Part 3)

The Uncle Series

Vinnie was never bright. Normal people would have used a team, but Vinnie was a one-man army in his words.

Running into the back, he pointed his gun at the worker, "Open the crate bitch!"

The older man nodded fearfully and pried open the crates, revealing beautiful pink frilly dresses with bows and ribbon. Vinnie growled, "Where's the dough?"

"This is a boutique, not the bank, you big idiot!"

"Shut up!" Vinnie screamed, voice breaking. He then shot the truck and said, "Run from Big Vin!"
The man ran, but not in particular fear.

And meanwhile, Vinnie unceremoniously left.

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The Uncle (Part 2)

The Uncle Series

Vinnie Diamonds was pissed. Having been raised in the business by his father, Tony, and Uncle Alphonso, he was destined to be something big.

Diamonds was another business and he knew he'd never get promoted for selling ice. He had to do something eye-catching.

Driving near the brink of Lupella territory, he noted the delivery trucks entering Sofia's boutique. There had to be something good on those trucks. Checking his .38 and extra, he parked alongside Sofia's and left his car.

Sneaking to the alley, he could see the trucks unloading crates. Fat crates too.

He cocked his gun.

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The Uncle (Part 1)

The Uncle Series

"I can't express my gratitude enough, Uncle Alphonso," Vinnie Diamonds thanked his boss and uncle, Alphonso, head of the Lupella Crime Family. Vinnie was a gambler and he'd just lost a shipment of diamonds in a card game with lowlife pimps. Thankfully, Alphonso had agreed to give him a pass.

"Don't ask me another favor, Vincenzo, you're nothing like your father, disgrazia."

"I'll show you I am," Vinnie stood up, his smile rapidly disappeared. He bowed in respect and left. Uncle Alphonso looked at his bodyguard, Giacomo, and spoke, "If he comes back, ice him."

Giacomo nodded, his gun loaded.