"Dandelion Diaries" drabbles by VerityAlways

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Where there's Tres Leech, there'll be Tres Leches.

Dandelion Diaries #6

Dreams. Some watch while sleeping. Few try to escape the suffocating claws and work persistently only to let the sleep dream about them, determined to turn them into reality.

Failure. A leech. Every tongue, a reminder. Every shoulder, a boulder.

I've been flapping my tethered wings. Somedays, relentlessly. Others were exhausted, just saving enough strength for the next day, the next fight. Although late, if not for the real stars and the north star paving me a path filled with motivation and belief, my wings wouldn't have been set free.

Now the stars and boulders say it tastes tres leches.

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Scarred Stones

Dandelion Diaries #5

Colored ores only had one ambition- to turn into gems. As gems, they wanted to outshine. Embellish every tiara and trinket. Little did they know, they came with traits, molding characters and penning histories.
Few gracing the exemplary, few nursing:
The Crown, promising pride and pioneering pompousness.
Earrings, yearning for bejeweled words;
Necklaces, sparkle and sheen competing to blind the victims of their affluence;
Bracelets, adorning the acts of selfish hands;
The brooch, a trademark, mired in this colossal.
Now, a coal of a heart.
The wearer’s soul, infused by these blemishes
Would one lose this lustre? To be austere?

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Perplexed Perceptions

Dandelion Diaries #4

I’m cheering for my granddaughter, who’s leading the game. And there, she won! Everybody showers her with applause, and she gets awarded.
Her eyes settle on me, and her lovely smile melts my heart, and she knows it. She smiles even broader, even if I didn’t reciprocate.
Instead, I continue clapping, slowly and steadily, like the entire game.

Odd, you think?
Yes, as I hear and smell sympathies from a distance when you see my trembling hands, leaving a bitter taste.

My expressions, now numb
but believe this handsome
let love and optimism
this unsaid chasm
by Parkinson’s problem

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Fleeting Hope

Dandelion Diaries #3

We woke up to the warmth today, and fortunately, not to the sound of bullets.
It's a war-torn zone.

Today is my sister's birthday. I touch my pocket, making sure I have her treat. I wish her and hand the twin candy. It's the only gift I hoarded for this day. For her, this happiness is more than any other.
This minute will be embellished in our hearts and brains forever.
She hides the tears with her radiant smile and parts the candy with me. We eat it, sitting hand in hand, rejoicing and thanking for breathing this moment.

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Strength in Solitude

Dandelion Diaries #2

I sit on the edge of the bank, playing with the pebbles. I savor the calmness. I was a prisoner to my past. Now no more.
Every so often, I come here to embrace the calmness, to detach myself from the magnets of vile and void thoughts.

I'm thirsty to cry.
Circular ripples appear in the water.
and the ripples grow wider; as my tears merge with the water.

Overpowered, I duck my head and scream my lungs out.
My shrills swallow the stillness.
I cry till I culminate my lost strength to face my horrors. Alone. Again.

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Caged in a Storm

Dandelion Diaries #1

I'm running in a thick tall forest. Perspiration turns my clothes into another layer of skin. I hear the swoosh of the sharp glass shards aimed at me.
They snipe the nearby branches. I duck for a hairline escape.
The temperature turns colder and colder, and the fog engulfs me.
I trip and fall.
Hushed voices grow closer. Now, louder, angrier, sifting and shuffling through the forest.
I turn those are not shards but words and bitter tongues aimed at me. I scream and position myself for a fight.
The fog clears, and it's sunny. Sunnier in my head, mind.