"Compact vs Sedan" drabbles by Christopher

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Compact vs. Sedan (2/2)

Compact vs Sedan #2

They talked for a few moments as Jason fidgeted nervously, then they said the obligatory "It was so great to see you again" speech, then walked off.

Jason finally asked, "Uh, did you and Ted date?"

"For a while."

"Was it serious?"

"Somewhat," she said. "What is this?"

"Does he....you know...have a bigger..."

She smiled, "Car? Does he have a bigger car than you?"


"Yes," she grinned, "much, much bigger."

He looked heartbroken.

"But," she added, "your car is the only one I want parked in my garage."

He smiled, then added, "Wait... Are we still talking about cars?"

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Compact vs. Sedan (1/2)

Compact vs Sedan #1

Jason and his girlfriend Sandy were walking down the street and passed a tall guy who looked like he could play basketball. Sandy and the guy recognized one another and begun laughing and hugging.

"Ted, it's so great to see you," Sandy said with the genuine warmth that attracted Jason to her in the first place.

Ted smiled at her, "You haven't changed a bit."

"Oh," she said embarrassingly, "this is my boyfriend Jason."

Ted stuck his massive hand out and Jason shook it, looking up at Ted.

"How's it going, little dude?" Ted said, making Jason feel even smaller...