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Kyle approached the shadowy figure in the dimly lit alley. "Have you got the stuff?"
The figure took a block covered in silver foil out of the inside pocket of his leather jacket.
Kyle took the block and opened one corner. "It doesn't smell right, is this cut?"
"I don't do adulterated stuff, man." The figure said, pulling another block out of his jacket pocket. "Try this."
Kyle sniffed the merchandise. "That's better, but you're holding back on me."
The figure produced another block.
"That's it! That's the good stuff. What's it called?" said Kyle.
"Green & Black's 70% Cocoa."

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    Michael Cook about 4 years ago

    You crack me up Bryan!

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    Peter Muscutt about 4 years ago

    'In a future dystopia, where chocolate is outlawed and supply has spread to the streets....' - nice twist there, Bryan!

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    Ricky Moore about 4 years ago

    Nice twist Bryan!

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    Chris Walker about 4 years ago

    Don't get in the way of a chocaholic and their supply... ;-)

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    Bryan Thomas about 4 years ago

    Many thanks, Michael, Peter, Ricky, and Chris!

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