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A Patchwork Tale


Clockmaker’s heart thumped as the turf dropped away below.

A faerie-beldame joined her on the rail. “Human girl, are you supposed to be aboard?”

“The King granted my passage. And, besides, I’m not human either. Both my granddames were witches of good repute.”

Whiskery lips smiled. “Are you excited for the journey?”

“It was hard to get here. And I hear the rest of the expedition will be even harder.”

The beldame laughed. “If you believe that, then it will. That’s how magic works, right enough.”

Clockmaker had forgotten. She whispered, “Thistle Tassel” and courage poured into her heart.

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    Sara Light-Waller about 8 years ago

    This is the End of Part I of "A Patchwork Tale." The journey to Mars is up next in Part II.

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    D.M. about 8 years ago

    The explanation of how magic works is splendid. 'Looking forward to the journey.

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    Sara Light-Waller about 8 years ago

    Thanks! The most fun thing about the journey to come will be that that it'll be a voyage through space from the old days, think the 1920's and before. I think they had it easier back then...the imagination spoke for all.

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