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“I don’t believe this” Aigror yelled, slamming the door shut.
“What is it? “Glorgan asked, putting down his chisel.
“Someone has just made King Stefan a castle!” Aigror fumed.
“I thought we were making him one?” Glorgan replied, confused.
“He found a witch who could do it twice as fast and for half the price. We’re not needed. Same old story.” Aigror said, with a sigh.
“Should we try the next kingdom? “Glorgan asked hopefully. He looked to the next kingdom, and groaned. In the distance, another palace appeared from nowhere, with shining spires and glimmering gates. It wasn't fair.

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    Frenchie 3 months ago

    Aggghhh!!! so frustrating. Our guys need to work faster or t get a new day job, lol... Welcome Drabble Land, Sarah. I hope you will enjoy it here 😊

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    Jamie Clapperton 3 months ago

    You can't beat good old fashioned craftwork! Very glad you're on drablr Sarah!

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    Neville Hunt 2 months ago

    You can’t afford to hang around guys, but if I were you I’d look at your pricing structure! And maybe get more masons on board, on a piecework basis.
    Great stuff! Welcome to Drablr, Sarah.

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