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Julieta Kjeldsen, worlds foremost expert on serial killers, sat back, rubbing her eyes, ghostly light from laptop bathing her library. A deep breath, she rose from behind mahogany desk, picking up her 12,000 page research paper. Flipping through pages, ruminating, scowl alighting on her beautiful face. This would change everything. Tip the pyramid upon its head. Scramble the brains of scholastic academia.

Julieta crossed the room, heels clicking, knelt next to the fireplace, tight skirt cloying its way up her thighs. She crumpled the title page, lit a solitary match, and one by one fed the pages to the flames.

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    Jeff Taylor over 6 years ago

    That will take a while to do. How many did she get herself I wonder?

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    Jamie Clapperton over 6 years ago

    I can 'see' her crouching by the fireplace. One to reread. :-)

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