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Affecting change. Hollering into the wind. Adversaries circling like predatory wolves.

I find my voice but I’m speaking Kushitic in the digital age. I can’t believe staring into the sun burns my eyes.

Trinity is right. The strongest women are just there to service their male counterparts. The counterculture has failed. The cowboys are writing songs about acid trips. Ken Kesey’s driven his rainbow hippie bus off into the sunset.

I guess I’ll strap on my knee pads and go ahead and just suck your cock. Suck and swallow all their lies. MMM please can I have another? Fuck it!

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    CJay almost 8 years ago

    Hey Samantha. Really great Drabble. I mean REALLY! Thanks for all the emotional rides you've taken us all on. Keep it up!

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    Samantha Grace Bishop almost 8 years ago

    My perscription for Viagra is on its way ! :)

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    Chris over 7 years ago

    I think you've nailed it in the last two lines

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