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I say: Say Da Da
Wife says: Say Ma Ma

I say: You want some tittie tit tit?
Wife says: You want some milkies?

I say: Baby had a blowout, Oh God, shit everywhere!
Wife says: Baby make a little messy mess

I say: Says on box that diaper is good for up to 20 lbs
Wife says: Time for his thirteenth diaper change today

I say: Time to sleep baby, it's mama and daddy time
Wife says: Come here baby and let me hold you some more

I say: I love you Baby
Wife says: Baby,
I love you

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    Karen Wong almost 8 years ago

    Good for 20lbs? I don't think babies shit that much .

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    D.M. almost 8 years ago

    Baby changes everything.

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    Olga Klezovitch almost 8 years ago


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    Sara Light-Waller almost 8 years ago


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    mdbrooks41 almost 8 years ago

    Babies drool, uh, rule.

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    Rachel Ball over 6 years ago

    I love this, it reminds me of those kids books for parents, if u haven't already read 'go the f*** to sleep I think you'd like it!

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    Peter Henderson over 4 years ago

    Hehe...for the first thirty years I wouldn't let it, I go with the flow. Good story

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