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Pearl and Quasit #66


The Mariri turned to Iyauliana, something akin to approving affirmation upon its beatific faces, but refrained from any verbal praise.

Quasit, however, showed no such inhibition. "Quite the opposite. You've impressed, Iyauliana," he pronounced her name as if savouring a discovered treasure on Aathica Centaurii XI. Her gave her a conspirative twinkle, casting an oblong look at Pearl. "And to be fair, I make her much more upset myself most of the time."

Pearl bit her tongue, leaving Quasit's taunt unanswered. And this precious cargo? How do we possibly cash in on our illimitable sovereign now? Who's able to pay?

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    D.M. over 6 years ago

    "Love that last question!
    Also "oblong look", I kept coming back to that! Is that the head tilt?

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    Richard Charles Davidson over 6 years ago

    Oblong look was meant to be that head tilting sideways glance. Yes. Quasit's mannerisms are always a bit odd.

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