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Perhaps Death itself awaited outside my door, for I had not the wit nor the inclination to sate my curiosity, hoping instead it be determined I was too young, unworthy; to forestall the inevitable, my decline, instead insisting to play a game of skill against the Imp, he of such squat querulous stature, malformed and shiftless, grey hue to match the pungent and sanguine smoke which wafted, slithering from the opium and cigars we smoked, mingling hither and thither with the burning candles, my companion both laconic and incensed, his grotesque hand dangling above my bishop, debating a pithy strike.

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    Richard Charles Davidson over 4 years ago

    A slightly reworked drabble from months back. I found it interesting to not only subject myself to a limit of 100 words, but also just one sentence, without cheating too much.

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    Drew Martyn over 4 years ago

    Absolutely wonderful, a fascinating moment captured in a perfectly constructed drabble. Its style and language took me surprise from the start and left me with a huge smile on my face. Again, a wonderful drabble, wonderful.

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    Thomas Andersen over 4 years ago

    Enjoyed the rich language; something to aspire to!

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    D.M. over 4 years ago

    One sentence! You have my admiration!

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