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I admit I might be a bit b z z d

I walk ina stra ate line

I go both for and back

Loudly intone

Abstract bureaucrats chloroform dancing elegant female girls hustling inbred joking Kentucky lumberjacks modelling neolithic overt picturesque queens rescued several tittering universally vivacious women xerotic yens zipped

Another deep breath glee flee sing

Zapping yeasty xenomorphic wizards violate upwards thousands screaming redundantly querulous peasants opened nearby magic linear kleptocracies juxtaposing invented holistic governments fatalistically evolving dead clandestine befriended absurdists

Abruptly he snaps cuffs on me anyway muttering

Save it for your lawyer, you smartass drunk asshole

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    Richard Charles Davidson over 9 years ago

    With a gleeful nod of the cap to Brandon Sutton! This tested the constraints of the medium and the 700 digit cap. Anyway, I think I got the gist of the idea across.

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    Brandon Sutton over 9 years ago

    Thanks for the mention! It really means a lot. Also, I really enjoyed the drabble. It was very entertaining and interesting. Good work!

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    Horrorshow over 9 years ago

    Extremely well crafted, Richard. This must have taken a while to compose! It works a treat though; very well written.

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    Richard Charles Davidson over 9 years ago

    Didn't take very long. I write quickly. what took awhile was trying to cut it down to 700 characters and still contain exactly 100 words. that wasnt easy.

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