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At 4a.m. Wallace Grange woken the Sheriff, deputy, with 3 aliens in tow.

Aliens, amongst humans 5yrs now, hummed, antennae vibrating, indignantly denying charges, thumping reptilian tails.

Grange yelling: "Telling you! They snuck into my house! Buggered me! Right! In! My! Bunghole!"

Sheriff, examining closer, eyed an alien. "You still have shit on your pecker!"

Aliens, mandibles tittering, horns abuzz , abjured!

Deputy, scooping a sliver to his fingernail, tasted. "Nope! It's chocolate!"

Sheriff addressed Grange: "Probably dreamed it! Go back to bed!"

Grange, unhappy, did as he was told.

Deputy left a note for ChocolateSauce with a phone number.

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