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The Ark #2


The black dog has slipped between our sheets tonight.

He gnaws at my earlobes and nuzzles his snout, deep to the nape of my neck.

He lies there, twitching ears pricked, waiting for an unknown, unseen phenomenon.


Finally in the early hours silence beckons sleep...

A tap drips.

He barks.

Knees jerk, biting between ribs as he digs deeper into the folds, burying his bones in the blanket.

It drips again, thunderously demanding.

He howls and snaps. Wounded but unmoved he orders redemption as I emerge from the fog of sleep.

I will up, lest he bares his teeth.

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    Neville Hunt almost 6 years ago

    Good drabble. It’s making me feel dog-tired and it’s only breakfast time! A dripping tap... that’s enough to keep me awake. Great to see you active again on Drablr Rhiannon.

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    Rhiannon almost 6 years ago

    Thank you both, I really appreciate your comments. I've been working on another drabble for weeks but couldn't get the word count down or convey what I was thinking. Very frustrating! Suddenly, out of the blue, this drabble, completely different to the one I'm working on falls out of my head. I hope it doesn't take so long to write the next one!

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    Neville Hunt almost 6 years ago

    Having reflected on my earlier, rather trite comment, I have read so much more into your drabble. Having experienced the ‘black dog’ myself, usually starting at 05.00 in the early morning, I realise how well crafted your drabble is conceptually and in terms of language. I have felt those feelings...too many times for comfort.

    I hope you don’t stay away too long...

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