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Once upon a time...

A King was hopelessly in love, but with somebody he could never have.

So he concocted a plan, and invited all the best in the land;

A tailor, wigmaker, jeweler, perfumer, winemaker, and cuisinier.

On the King's birthday, they came back to put on display;

New gloves of tawny leather, and wig of lush brunet.

New set of bone white jewelry, and aromatic oils.

New bottles of sweet wine, and exquisite cuisine galore.

The cold soup was garnished with his love’s eyes of blue—the King smiled and mused,

Forever happily ever after, together we shall be.

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    Michael Cook about 7 years ago

    Welcome to Drablr Giv....and a lovely drabble too!

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    Griv about 7 years ago

    Thanks! Great site :)

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