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Flamboyantly walking home, unable to keep elation inwards;
8am Monday morning.
Undoubtedly my most marvelous accomplishment this week.

I spot you almost kitty-corner;
Heart stopping, jaw dropping, despite myself;
Unwittingly, but adoringly, uttering the word "creepy";
Excitedly, your gaze lifts from the pavement.

Forgetting to breathe, galloping around the corner;
Looking everywhere but back;
Pretending you went unnoticed;
Hoping my name isn't called;
Grinning into my inadequate disguise--an upturned cup;
Carelessly spilling hot coffee down my chest.

My smile is autonomous when you're nearby
But in this life you'll never accurately interpret it.

Apparently our friendship was delusional.

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    Horrorshow over 9 years ago

    Skillfully written. Especially loved the closing line.

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    op ruoho over 9 years ago


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