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One after me and two before
I sat in third place out of four
Three out of four wasn’t really bad
When I was a lad.

We fought as brothers often do
If younger, then the worse for you
But my high pitched yells alerted mum
Guaranteeing justice would be done!

“Fight fair, you’re bigger!” mother said
And older brother sent to bed
(Though loser of the fighting spree,
My crocodile tears cried victory!)

But if outsiders ever dared
Attack any one, they’d best be scared
Up we’d leap and off we’d go
All for one against a common foe!

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    Christopher about 1 year ago

    Nice one.

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    Richard Hunt about 1 year ago

    As number one out of the same four, the challenges were different. I had to be pathfinder … what I did and got away with was OK, not just for me but for all of us.

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    Neville Hunt about 1 year ago

    Thanks both. Richard... I won’t ask what you did and got away with, but it sounds like it was in all our interests!😁

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