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Fedeltà #817


Sofia had most of the story, but she wasn’t quite finished grilling Paolo.

“So let me check... Paolo decided he would remove the dead woman’s diamond from her ‘down below’ ignoring a torrent of blood and leaving two dead bodies? That seems rather cold-blooded, doesn’t it?”

“They had no more use for it... and when I spotted it, I knew someone I wanted to have it.”

“Gee thanks, Paolo... how thoughtful of you! Did you think to wash it first?”


“So where does Mary Flaherty fit in? How does she know about that diamond ‘down below’?”

“She knows!”

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    Christopher over 2 years ago

    Thanks for a new batch. Looking forward to more.

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    VerityAlways over 2 years ago

    Another Vixen- Mary! Would love to read more!!
    Love the twists knowing that she knows and knowing Sofia doesn't know, and with all the knowledge Paolo has, God knows! how this Knowinger will come out of it !!

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    Neville Hunt over 2 years ago

    They’re all a pretty nasty lot of villains and their molls from London’s notorious East End. But I hope the women are deliciously nasty! (The guys don’t seem to come out of this too well!)

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    VerityAlways over 2 years ago

    Beauty with Brains are much deadlier!

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