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I just watched it. Yet again. Each and every time, it’s with delight. The monochromatic visual brilliance, the post-war devastation, the angles, the lighting, the Lime-lighting, the simple story, the superb casting, the moving performances... and of course the atmospheric mixture of menace and mood. The haunting soundtrack... and maybe the best ending ever.

The writer, a man of great acclaim, apparently wrote it on the back of a fag packet... in written form it barely amounts to a novella. But with such powerful ingredients, who needed more?

The Man might’ve been Third, but it’s my absolute First.

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    Neville Hunt 19 days ago

    My head and shoulders favourite film. The Third Man.

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    Jamie Clapperton 18 days ago

    Still haven't re watched the film Neville. but listened to the theme tune again. Like it a lot. Only Graham Greene book I've finished is Brighton Rock and a few short stories.

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    Jamie Clapperton 18 days ago

    One of my favourite films is the original 'The Day The Earth Stood Still.' and there is a slight third man connection(Sort Of) Michael Rennie was in a TV series based on the third man. Saw an episode at the N.F.T with my brother once, don't remember much about it but think Harry lime (Played by Mr Rennie!) Was in this version a goodie.

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