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After the stroke he went on blood thinning pills... for the rest of his life. In discussing the patient’s medication, the consultant warned that stroke wards were full of old codgers who’d forgotten to take their pills.

“It’s important you remember to take your pill Jack!”

Jack’s millions couldn’t prevent him from succumbing to dementure, but he could afford the latest ‘app’ for Alexa. The ‘take your pill!’ reminder app. Long-suffering relatives could programme remotely the lovely Alexa to provide him timely reminders.

Jack’s son and heir was happy to oblige.

The Coroner had never seen blood so thin.

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    Jamie Clapperton 29 days ago

    That was darker than TrES-2b ;-)

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    Neville Hunt 29 days ago

    Hehe! 😁

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    Marion E Ball 28 days ago

    I'd better watch my Alexa though at the moment she is' having trouble accessing the internet' I'm leaving her troubled and I will remember my pill.

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    Rachel Bee 26 days ago

    Wow...someone turned all the lights off.

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    Rachel Bee 26 days ago

    Also made me laugh.

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    Neville Hunt 25 days ago

    Thanks Rachel. It was prompted by me wondering the other night as I took my own blood thinners, what would happen if you took too many because you’d forgotten. Fortunately my pills have the day of the week written on each blister. Phew!

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