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It was an early start. Alarm set for 7.00am - check! Quick breakfast - check! Ablutions at the double - check! Dress code... best trousers, best shoes, best short-sleeved check shirt - check! Check how I look - check! We were going OUT! - checkout!

Arrive on time... or ‘fashionably late’? On time this time maybe - check. Double-check the time - check!

Called up to check on my wife’s progress - check! “I’m coming!” she responded irritably - check! We met at the front door - check!

“Why on Earth are you so dressed up?” she demanded.

“Must look cool at the Covid jab centre!”

“That’s silly!”


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    Neville Hunt 27 days ago

    Actually, Mrs H would never say ‘Idiot’ but rather ‘That’s silly!’. But the 100 word count is a tough taskmistress!

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    Neville Hunt 27 days ago

    ‘Idiot’ has now been replaced with ‘That’s silly’. Now I can dare to show her the drabble!

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    Marion E Ball 26 days ago

    I usually dress smartly for hospital/ Doctor appointments after all they are now the main social events in my life! Glad that you have had the jab, I have the appointment for my second one. Such excitement.

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    Neville Hunt 25 days ago

    Thanks Marion. Well most of my appointments are by telephone right now so it was fun to get out, legitimately, and visit our local market town. And the people and support volunteers delivering the jab were friendly, polite and efficient! It is exciting, Pfizerly fun in our case! Hope you’ll get your second soon. The programme certainly has built momentum now.

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