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Wanting to impress his new girlfriend, John took her to a swanky French restaurant in town. He’d seen the menu online and, with the help of Google Translate, had translated and memorised it and made his own selection in advance. And he would be able to explain it to the girl.

All went well until the dessert. The girl wanted the selection of mini gâteaux. In his best French accent, John ordered.

“Pour mon amie, les gatocks, s’il vous plait.”


“It is not pronounced ‘ocks’, but ‘oh’, sir..... gât-oh!” the waiter sneered.

Humiliated, John’s reply was simple...


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    Neville Hunt about 1 month ago

    Another bit of silliness... and an old joke.

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    Drew Martyn about 1 month ago

    The oldies are the goodies :)

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    Neville Hunt about 1 month ago

    Thank goodness 😁

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    Brian Mackinney about 1 month ago

    I love the franglais. I’m an expert at brutalising both languages. I’ve had some success but some spectacular failures, the prized one when I said I didn’t need a bottle of perfume wrapped. When I said “aux naturel” the assistant and my pals fell about. I am reminded from time to time.

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    Neville Hunt about 1 month ago

    Haha! Well... the bared-faced cheek of them! For seven years until 2011 I ran a PR course in Montpellier in France to a class of 400 students. French students are notoriously difficult to engage, but I used to write and perform franglais raps which went down well. Surprisingly they didn’t treat me like a silly old fool trying to be cool, but invariably across my seven years, I got roaring rounds of enthusiastic applause... so much so that the management of the École Superior came in to see who and how someone had managed to get that sort of response from their students. (They didn’t pay me extra though!🙁)

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