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It’d been there for almost a week. The elephant on the stove. The red cast-iron crockpot sat there, belidded and untouched.

It was a lovely coq au vin for four. I’d deliberately overcatered on the chicken... well, with two women and two blokes at the table I couldn’t really have just done extra for the guys, could I? If I had... well, y’know...! But of course, the women didn’t eat their extra chicken.

There it sat, festering under its lid. It was a game of ‘chicken’! Who would crack first?

I’ll give you two guesses. You only need one!

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    Christopher 20 days ago

    Once it's out there it's every man (or woman) for themselves! I'm that way when it comes to barbeque. Once I grill it and it's offered to you if it's still sitting there after a suitable period (usually about an hour) and you haven't eaten's fair game!

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    Neville Hunt 20 days ago

    This chicken had been in the pan for a week. Nobody dared to open the lid because it would smell AWFUL! And someone has to clean the pot. I wonder who?!!

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