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One look at her face and you know she’s trouble. Those big green eyes would turn any man’s head... that slender neck, twisting, turning, noticing everything. Irresistible.

At first glance though, you might think her devout, untouchable, given to her god, but you’d be wrong. This lady’s no prudish no-go area. She’s a goer. But if you go there, that’s where your problems start.

No doubt she’ll want you... devour you. When it comes to sex, she has a voracious appetite. But watch out... she can get rather peckish afterwards.

A man ‘tis what she wants. All of him!

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    Neville Hunt 26 days ago

    For Jamie.

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    Christopher 26 days ago

    I thought you were getting kinky until I saw the tag! Had me fooled!

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    Neville Hunt 25 days ago


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    Jamie Clapperton 24 days ago

    ;-)))) Thanks Neville.;-) Think I started to see it coming at her seemingly being 'Given to her God' .Oh. ' A man 'tis what she wants-' Groooooa-No that's clever.;-)

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    Neville Hunt 24 days ago

    Cheers Jamie!

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