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“Alexa! Get me an ice cream!”

“That’s rude. You must always say please!”

“You don’t have to say please to Alexa!”

“But you do have to say please to Granny!”

“But I’m talking to Alexa! She doesn’t need me to say please!”

”So how do you think Alexa is going to get you an ice cream?”

“Well Granny’s going to get the ice cream from the freezer of course.”

”So why not ask Granny herself and ask her nicely?”

“You told me whenever I need something to ask Alexa.”


“Alexa, tell Granny to get me an ice cream. Pleeeeeease!”

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    Neville Hunt about 1 month ago

    Interpleadiary. I claim this word as a Google search finds only me! 😃

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    Christopher 27 days ago

    You're right! I did it too!

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    Neville Hunt 27 days ago

    Gee thanks Christopher! :-)

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