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This week we looked after two of our grandchildren while their parents jetted off for an anniversary break. Exhausting... but a real privilege and pleasure. We kept them amused.

In downtime they showed us their dance routines. We thought the older child was particularly good as she danced to Christina Perri’s ‘1000 years’. (Must tell her parents when they return.)

It wasn’t necessary. They showed us the video of her performance, alone on stage. She’d been the winner. This 9yr old had choreographed her dance entirely by herself. It was spectacular. I wasn’t the only one who wept with pride.

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    Drew Martyn 8 months ago

    That is fantastic, she must be amazing, not only to dance but to choreopgraph the whole thing herself, and then to do it on stage by herself!!!
    If I remember correctly, isn't that song somehow related to the Twilight movies - maybe even in it? - I don't know because I've only seen the first and then I was forced to watch it lol. So appropriate for this time of year :)
    But you must have felt so proud Neville. Tell her well done from me, I'm mightily impressed :)

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    Frenchie 8 months ago

    Awwww. wonderful. I could feel the pride and emotions through your words

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