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Fedeltà #785


Naturally, Livia had no intention to share the top job with anyone, particularly not Marcia. However, it seemed a good way to end the conversation on the one hand and to keep Marcia sweet on the other.

“We must do this again soon... after all, we’re only a few miles away from each other.” Livia ended the lunch, firstly by beckoning for the bill, which she insisted on paying and offering Marcia a lift home, which the latter declined. “And next time maybe we’ll really talk business. Keep your eye on Tony though, he’s nuts!”

“You’re telling me!” agreed Marcia.

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    Drew Martyn 24 days ago

    The intrigue and political machinations in this series is superb Neville :)

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    Neville Hunt 24 days ago

    Thanks Drew. There may be more to come...

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    Drew Martyn 21 days ago

    Oooh very good - I have to say this series is well worth the occasional wait :)

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    Neville Hunt 21 days ago

    Sorry about the wait. Holidays and forthcoming wedding getting in the way...

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    Drew Martyn 21 days ago

    Hey no worries. I've been pretty tardy myself. That Life thing gets in the way of drabbling lol.

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