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Fedeltà #779


“So who else then?” asked Livia. “Who could do the job and is someone we could trust?”

“Well both our kids are far too young,” replied Marcia, “and looking round the crew, there’s not a lot of choice. Franco’s the best tough guy, but has neither the brains or the subtlety to run the show. Paolo has been pretty close to Tony, and he seems to have ambition and probably knows what’s what...”

“Paolo?...” exclaimed Livia, “Gimme a break... he’s no more than a child... an adolescent, more interested in exercising what’s in his pants! Paolo? Boss? No bloody way!”

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    Christopher almost 5 years ago


    Glad you're back on this, Neville. Really enjoying it.

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    Neville Hunt almost 5 years ago

    Thanks Christopher. I just need to crank up the momentum and keep it cranked!

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